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Clement Lutterodt, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus

Ph.D 1974, University of Birmingham, UK

Research Interests
Rational and meromorphic approximations in several complex variables

Selected Publications

  • On a Partial Converse of the Montessus de Ballores theorem in Cn J. Approximation Theory, 40 (1984), 216-225 MR85h:32005.
  • A Meromorphic Extension of Oka-Weil Approximation in a Stein Manifold. Complex Variables & Applic. Int. J. 16 (1991), 153-162. MR92d:32019
  • Cohomology with LP-Bounds on Polycylinders. Int J Math.& Math.Sci 18 (1995), 475-484 (with P. W. Darko).
  • Rational Approximation to Meromorphic Maps from Cn to Cm in Logarithmic Capacity. Approximation Theory IX (1998), 239-245(with S. Einstein-Matthews).
  • Growth of Transcendental Entire functions on a Complex Algebraic Variety Israel J. Math. 109 (1999), 253-271, MR2000c:32007(with S. Einstein-Matthews).
  • Approximation and Interpolation on Complex Algebraic varieties in Pseudoconvex Domains. Israel J. Math. 123 (2001), 189-209,(with S. Einstein-Matthews).
  • Sobolev Space Estimates for Solutions of the Equation (delta-bar)u = f on Polycylinder. Int. J. Math & Math Sci, 19 (2004), 969-974,(with P.W. Darko).
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