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Colloquia & Seminars


Colloquium speakers 2013-2014

Spring 2014

  • January 22 (Wednesday) : Prof. Hana Kim, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
    "Ordered trees with mutation and the Riordan group"
  • January 24 : Dr. Tommy Wright, U.S. Census Bureau,
    "Equal Proportions for Congressional Apportionment"
  • January 31 : Prof. Susan Marguiles, U.S. Naval Academy,
    "Hilbert's Nullstellensatz and Linear Algebra: An Algorithm for Determining Combinatorial Infeasibility "
  • February 7 : Prof. Ryan Hynd, University of Pennsylvania,
    "An evolution equation for p-ground states "
  • February 21 : Prof. Dragomir Saric, Queens College, CUNY,
    "Circle homeomorphisms and hyperbolic geometry"
  • February 28 : Prof. Marshall Cohen, Morgan State University,
    "The Hat Puzzle, Sphere Packing and Error Correcting Codes"
  • March 21 : Dr. Sean Colbert-Kelly, NIST,
    "A Generalized Ginzburg-Landau model in a Planar Geometry "
  • March 28 : Prof. Jane Hawkins, University of North Carolina and NSF,
    "Topological and dynamical properties of Julia sets on the real projective plane "
  • April 11 : Prof. Rebecca Goldin, George Mason University
    "The combinatorics of geometry on flag manifolds "
  • April 18 ; Speakers will be three Howard University undergraduate students: Ms. Olu Fasanmade , Ms. Roshil Paudyal, and Ms. Lauren Prince
  • May 7 (Wednesday) : Dr. Edinah Gnang, Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton University
    "Hypermatrix Algebra and their spectral decomposition"


Fall 2013

  • September 6 : Prof. Larry Washington, University of Maryland,
    "Elliptic Curve Cryptography"
  • September 20 : Prof. Faina Berezovskaya, Howard University,
    "On dynamics of models of niche construction"
  • September 27 : Prof. Hamet Seydi, Howard University,
    "On weak convergence in Lp (1 < p < ∞)"
  • October 4 : Prof. Christopher Manon, George Mason University,
    "On the usefulness of triangles"
  • October 11 : Prof. Avner Friedman, Ohio State University & Mathematical Biosciences Institute,
    "Conservation Laws in Mathematical Biology"
  • October 18 : Prof. Stephen Casey, American University,
    "Using Probability to Compute Values of the Zeta Function"
  • October 25 : Prof. Louis Shapiro, Howard University,
    "42 Catalan Identities and Why You Might Care"
  • November 1 : Dr. Melvin Currie, National Security Agency,
    "Ancestry. What do hidden Markov models (or love) have to do with it?"
  • November 8 : Dr. Clemente Aguilar, National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis,
    "Using Computational Tools for Accelerating the Development of Vaccines for Chagas' Disease"
  • November 15 : Prof. Talitha Washington, Howard University,
    "Uncovering Biological Processes Via Mathematical Modeling"
  • November 22 : Prof. Michelle Lee, University of Maryland, College Park,
    "Dynamics on Representation Varieties"
  • December 2 : Prof. Martin Flashman, Humboldt University,
    "Functions, Duality, and Mapping Diagrams"

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