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Colloquium speakers 2014-2015

Spring 2015

  • January 16 : Prof. Khalid Boushaba, Howard University,
    "Mathematical modeling of tumor dormancy"
  • January 23 : Prof. Michael Boehnke, University of Michigan
    "Identifying genes for human diseases and roles for mathematicians in the biomedical research"
  • January 30 : Prof. Robert Simon, London School of Economics
    "Games of Incomplete Information and Ergodic Theory"
  • February 6 : Prof. Walter Morris, George Mason University
    "The Erdös-Szekeres conjecture: connections to chromatic and clique numbers of graphs"
  • February 11 (Wednesday): Prof. Petr Jizba, Czech National University in Prague
    "Connection between path-integral representation of a relativistic particle and the financial markets. "
  • February 13 : Prof. Aimee Johnson, Swarthmore College
    "Speedup functions for Z^d actions"
  • February 20 : Prof. Luca Ferrari, University of Florence,
    "Lattice paths from an order-theoretic perspective"
  • February 27 : Dr. Nick Matzke, National Institute for Mathematical & Biological Synthesis
    "Dating dinos by putting fossils in trees: simultaneous estimation of evolutionary relationships and phylogenetic divergence times of dinosaurs (and other groups) with Bayesian MCMC techniques"
  • March 6 : Prof. Jonathan Bloom, Rutgers University
    "On two recent conjectures in pattern avoidance"
  • March 27 : Prof. Changfeng Gui, University of Connecticut and NSF
    "Diffusions, Fractional Laplacians and Traveling Waves"
  • April 3 : Prof. Rodney Kerby, Morgan State University
    "Spectral Analysis in Non-Archimedean Hilbert Space"
  • April 17 : Speakers will be Howard University undergraduate students

Fall 2014

  • September 5 : Prof. George Andrews, Pennsylvania State University,
    "Lessons from Ramanujan's Lost Notebook"
  • September 12 : Prof. Cheyne Homberger, University of Florida,
    "Popularity and Separability: Counting Patterns in Restricted Permutations"
  • September 19 : Prof. Todd Drumm, Howard University,
    "Dirichlet domains"
  • September 26 : Dr. Ruth Pfeiffer, National Institutes of Health,
    "A Breast Cancer Prediction Model and Criteria for Evaluating Risk Prediction Models for Screening Applications"
  • October 3 : Prof. James Lawrence, George Mason University,
    "The odd-even invariant, for oriented matroids and graphs"
  • October 24 : Prof. Sean Lawton, George Mason University,
    "What is a character variety?"
  • October 31: Dr. Dan Ullman, George Mason University,
    "A Mathematical Look at Politics"
  • November 7 : Dr. Brad Peercy, University of Maryland, Baltimore County,
    "Reductive Methods Uncover Model Spontaneous Calcium Waves"
  • November 14 : Prof. Jake Ferguson, NIMBIOS,
    "Two approaches to modeling population growth in fluctuating environments"
  • November 21 : Prof. Imre Leader, University of Cambridge,
    " Pursuit and Evasion"
  • December 15 : Prof. Michael Reed, Duke University,
    "How to get into Mathematical Biology"
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