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Colloquium speakers 2012-2013

Unless otherwise noted, colloquium talks will be held 4:00 - 5:00 pm in room 213 Academic Support Building B.

Fall 2012

  • September 7 : Prof. Amy Ksir, U.S. Naval Academy,
    "Automorphisms of algebraic, tropical, and non-Archimedean curves"
  • September 14 : Prof. Craig Larson, Virginia Commonwealth University,
    "The Independence Number Project & New Results on the Independence Number of a Graph"
  • September 21 : Dr. Asha Nurse, National Institute of Standards and Technology,
    "Bubble motion and size variation during thermal migration with phase change"
  • October 5 : Prof. Avner Friedman, Mathematical Biosciences Institute at Ohio State University,
    "Mathematical models of tumor-immune interactions"
  • October 12 :< Prof. Freeman Dyson, Institute for Advanced Study,
    "The Prisoner's Dilemma: Is it a model for the evolution of cooperation in the real world, or is it only a mathematical toy?"
  • October 19 : Prof. Ronald E. Mickens, Clark Atlanta University,
    "The Leah-Cosine Function (Preliminary Results )"
  • October 26 : Prof. Michael Reed, Duke University,
    "Consequences of Levodopa Therapy for Parkinson's Disease and the Serotonin System"
  • October 26 : Prof. Michael Reed, Duke University,
    "The Mysteries of Human Physiology Can only be Understood Using Mathematics"
  • November 2 : Prof. Gangaram Ladde, University of South Florida,
    "Energy/Lyapunov Function Method: Algorithms, Close Form Solutions Processes of Non linear Ito-Doob Type Stochastic Differential Equations and Applications"
  • November 9 : Prof. Christian Zickert, University of Maryland,
    "Thurston's gluing equations for PGL(n,C)"
  • November 16 : Prof. Richard Wentworth, University of Maryland,
    "Representations of surface groups and holomorphic bundles"

Spring 2013

  • January 18 : Prof. Katie Gurski, Howard University,
    "A Simple Construction of Nonstandard Finite Difference Schemes Applied to SIR Models"
  • January 25 : Prof. William Goldman, University of Maryland,
    "William Thurston: A mathematical perspective"
  • February 1 : Prof. Kimberly Sellers, Georgetown University,
    "A Flexible Regression Model for Count Data"
  • February 8 : Prof. Sankar Sitaraman, Howard University,
    "Mean values of certain multiplicative functions and applications"
  • February 15 : Prof. Gesham Magombedze, NIMBioS,
    "Transmission and Persistence of Johne's Disease"
  • February 22 : Prof. Dan Cranston, Virginia Commonwealth University,
    "The Game of Revolutionaries and Spies"
  • March 1 : Prof. Trachette Jackson, University of Michigan,
    "Developing Mathematical Models of Tumor Angiogenesis"
  • March 4   (Monday) : Dr. Francis Mensah, Howard University,
    "Research in sickle cell anemia, liposome and atmospheric phenomena"
  • March 8 : Speakers will be three Howard University undergraduate students:
    Ms. Kerisha Burke , "Exploring Graphs of Triangulated n-gons: Connectivity & Finding an Upper Bound on the Diameter";
    Ms. Blanche Ngo Mahop, "Computational Reliability Statistics of an Electrical Power Grid";
    Ms. Lauren Prince, "Using Population Projection Matrix Models to Show When the Use of Conspecific Attraction Methods are Counter-Indicated"
  • March 22 : Prof. Donald Martin, North Carolina State University,
    "Tail probabilities of the discrete scan statistic through slack variables"
  • March 29 : Prof. Richard Brown, Johns Hopkins University,
    "The dynamics of how topological transformations affect the geometry of a surface"
  • April 5 : Prof. James Yorke, University of Maryland,
  • April 19 : Prof. Wilfred Gangbo, Georgia Institute of Technology,
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