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Colloquia & Seminars
Colloquium speakers 2011-2012

Spring 2012

  • January 13 : Prof. Edray H. Goins, Purdue University,
    "An Introduction to Dessins d'Enfants: The Intersection of Graph Theory, Group Theory, and Differential Geometry "
  • January 18   (Wednesday 3:00 pm) : Prof. Guillermo Reyes, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain
    "The Cauchy problem for the porous medium equation with variable density. Asymptotic behavior of solutions"
  • January 27 : Prof. Tristan Hubsch, Howard University,
    "Through the Looking-Glass, and What Mathematics Lurks There"
  • February 3 : Prof. Hans Kaper, Georgetown University,
    "Mathematics and Climate: A New Partnership"
  • February 10 : Dr. Calistus Ngonghala, National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis, University of Tennessee,
    "The role of mosquito demography and nourishment habits on the dynamics of malaria transmission "
  • February 17 : Speakers will be four Howard University students:
    Ms. Sonia Mahop, "Competitive Graph Coloring";
    Ms. Dominique Rice, "Linear Representation of Finite Subgroups of SU2(C)";
    Ms. Kerisha Burke, "Investigating the Use of Volatility Derivatives to Hedge Portfolios";
    Mr. Derrick Simmons "Appending the Same Digit Repeatedly on the Left of a Positive Integer to Generate a Sequence of Composite Integers."
  • February 24 : Prof. Geir Agnarsson, George Mason University,
    " Vertex coloring acyclic digraphs; applications and theory "
  • March 2 : Prof. Monica Jackson, American University,
    " Impact of Geography on Mammography Use in California "
  • March 9 : Prof. Alfred Noel, University of Massachusetts, Boston,
    "Invariants of the Enveloping Algebra"
  • March 23 : Prof. Joseph Yeager, Howard University,
    "Rational ellipticity for certain manifolds of positive sectional curvature"
  • March 30 : Prof. Richard Stanley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
    "A survey of lattice points in polytopes"

Fall 2011

  • August 26   (2:00 pm) : Prof. Catherine Searle, Instituto de Matematicas, Mexico
    "Nonnegatively Curved 5-manifolds of Almost Maximal Symmetry Rank."
  • September 9 : Prof. Hrushikesh Mhaskar, California State University, Los Angeles
    "Learning functions on data deÞned manifolds"
  • September 16 : Prof. Keye Martin, Naval Research Laboratory
    "Learning functions on data deÞned manifolds"
  • September 23 : Prof. Talitha Washington, Howard University,
    "From Cells to Bridges: Modeling with Differential Equations"
  • September 30 : Prof. Virginie Charette, Université de Sherbrooke , Quebec,
    "The crooked plane conjecture"
  • October 7 : Prof. Robin Pemantle, University of Pennsylvania,
    "An upper bound on the time for quadratic sieving "
  • October 14 : Prof. Doron Zeilberger, Rutgers University,
    "Alexander Burstein's Lovely Combinatorial Proof of Noonan's Formula for the Number of Permutations With Exactly One "abc" pattern "
  • October 21 : Prof. Jonathan Sherratt, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK,
    "Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Field Voles "
  • October 28 : Dr. Orou G. Gaoue, National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis, University of Tennessee,
    "Modeling the short- and long-term consequences of plant harvest by local people "
  • November 4 : Prof. Felix Lazebnik, University of Delaware,
    "When Algebra and Geometry Meet Graphs"
  • November 18 : Prof. Mike Boyle, University of Maryland,
    "Strong shift equivalence for positive matrices"
  • December 2 : Prof. Constantin C. Corduneanu, University of Texas at Arlington,
    "A Glimpse on Fourier Analysis and its Generalizations; Periodicity, Almost Periodicity and Oscillatory Functions"

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