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Colloquia & Seminars
Colloquium speakers 2009-2010

Spring 2010

  • January 29 : Prof. Diana Thomas, Montclair State University,
    "A Mathematical Model of Weight Change"
  • February 5 : Prof. Gi-Sang Cheon, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea,
    "The Hitting Time Subgroup, Lukasiewicz Paths, and Faber Polynomials"
  • February 17 :  Dr. Aaron Lott, NIST,
    "Fast Solvers for Models of Fluid Flow with Spectral Elements"
  • February 19 :  Prof. Peter Lax, Courant Institute,
    "Dissipation and Dispersion"
  • February 19 :  Prof. Suzanne Sumner, University of Mary Washington,
    "Mathematical Modeling of Data Describing Worker Bee Aggression Towards a Foreign Queen"
  • February 24 :  Dr. Henok Mawi, Temple University
    "The Refractor Problem with Loss of Energy"
  • February 26 :  Prof. Robert W. Jernigan, American University,
    "A Statistician's Eye: Photographs of Statistical Concepts"
  • March 5 :  Prof. Sarah Hews, Swarthmore College,
    "HBV Models: The Role Of Hepatocycles On Persistent Infection"


Fall 2009

  • September 11 : Prof. Bruce Sagan, Michigan State University and NSF,
    "q-analogues and l-analogues"
  • September 18 : Prof. Alexander Pankov, Morgan State University,
    "Periodic Nonlinear Schroedinger Equation and Gap Solitons in Photonic Crystals"
  • September 25 : Prof. Amir Maleki, Howard University,
    "Cantor Topological Group"
  • October 2 : Prof. Edward Witten, Princeton University,
    "Feynman Integrals and Morse Theory"
  • October 9 : Prof. Srinivasa S.R. Varadhan, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 
    "Large Deviations-Probabilities of Rare Events"
  • October 16 :  Prof. Kathleen Hoffman, University of Maryland, Baltimore Campus,
    "Modeling Lamprey Locomotion Central Pattern Generator (CPG)"
  • October 23 :  Prof. Louis Shapiro, Howard University,
    "The Double Riordan Group and Winter-Summer Trees"
  • November 2 :  Prof. Dennis Davenport, National Science Foundation and Howard University,
    "NSF Programs"
  • November 6 :  Prof. Konstantina Trivis, University of Maryland, College Park,
    "Dynamics of Multicomponent Reactive Flows"
  • November 13 : Prof. Mark Freidlin, University of Maryland, College Park,
    "Partial Differential Equations with a Small Parameter and Related Diffusion Processes"
  • November 20 : Prof.   Haitao Fan, Georgetown University, 
    "Combining conservation laws and reaction diffusion equations, the results and more problems"


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