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Colloquia & Seminars
Colloquium speakers 2007-2008

Fall 2007

  • September 7: Prof. Alexander Burstein, Howard University,
    "Combinatorics of Permutation Tableaux "
  • September 14: Prof. David Chopp, Northwestern University,
    "Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Bacterial Biofilms "
  • September 21: Prof. Xiaofeng Ren, George Washington University,
    "Droplet Solutions of a 2D Free Boundary Problem From Diblock Copolymer Morphology"
  • October 5: Prof. Heiner Dovermann, University of Hawaii,
    "Algebraic Realization of Smooth Manifolds and Vector Bundles "
  • October 12: Prof. Patrick Iglesias, Hebrew University,
    "Examples of Moment Maps in Diffeology "
  • October 19: Dr. Bruce Sagan, NSF,
    "Special Topics in Combinatorics"
  • October 26: Prof. William Southerland, Department of Medicine, Howard University,
    "Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Netropsin Binding to DNA: Mechanism (s) of Interaction "
  • November 2: Prof. Katherine Gulski, George Washington University,
    "Approximate Riemann Solvers for Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics: or How Applied Mathematicians can help Astrophysicists "
  • November 9: Dr. Ira Schwartz, Naval Research Laboratory,
    "Modeling Epidemic Spread: Multi-Strain Interactions and Adaptive Social Networks "
  • November 16: Prof. Krishnaprasad, University of Maryland, College Park,
    "Pursuit and Cohesion "
  • November 30: Prof. Valentine Harizanov, George Washington University,
    "Algorithms, Undecidability,and Incompleteness "


Spring 2008

  • January 18 : Dr. Peter Good, Division of Mathematical Biology, NIH,
    "Challenges in the Human Genome Sequence "
  • January 25: Prof. Sylvester Gates, University of Maryland, College Park,
  • February 1: Prof. Banzian Boukai, Purdue University,
    "On Simultaneous Bayesian-Frequentist Testing of Hypotheses "
  • February 8: Prof. Thomas Seidman, University of Maryland, Baltimore Campus,
    "An Introduction to Control Theory for PDEs "
  • February 15: Prof. Michael Jakobson, University of Maryland, College Park,
    "Attractors and Invariant Measures in Low- Dimensional Dynamical Systems "
  • February 20 (Wednesday): Prof. Todd Drumm, University of Pennsylvania,
    " How to stretch pairs of pants with Margulis space-times "
  • February 22: Prof. Niran Adeboye, Howard University,
    "Fermat's Last Theorem For Even Exponents "
  • February 25 (Monday): Prof. Peter Lax, Courant Institute,
    "The Speed of Sound and Huygens� Principle "
  • February 29: Prof. Dariusz Bugajewski , Morgan State University,
    "On BV-Solutions to Nonlinear Integral Equations "
  • March 7: Prof. Murli Gupta, George Washington University,
    "Some Novel Finite Difference Schemes for Fluid Flow Problems "
  • March 14: Prof. James Yorke, University of Maryland, College Park,
    "Surprising Patterns Emerge When "bisecting" Proofs of Theorems "
  • March 28: Prof. Tepper Gill, Howard University,
    "Conditions Under Which Unbounded Operators Become Bounded "
  • April 4: Prof. John Benedetto, University of Maryland, College Park,
    "The Theory of Frames and Sigma-Delta Quantization "
  • April 18: Prof. Louis Shapiro, Howard University,
    "Properties of Power Series For The Central Binomial Coefficients And The Catalan Numbers "
  • March 7: Prof. Raymond Johnson, University of Maryland, College Park,
    "H1 (R) As a Convolution Algebra "


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