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Colloquia & Seminars
Colloquium speakers 2005-2006

Spring 2006

  • January 13: Prof. Louis Shapiro, Howard University,
    " The Butterfly Lemma and the Chung-Feller Theorem"
  • January 20: Prof. Faina Berezovskaya, Howard University,
    " Traveling Wave Solutions of Fitzhugh Model with Cross-diffusion"
  • January 27: Prof. Tristan Hubsch, Howard University,
    " On Graph Theoretic Identifications of Adinkras Supersymmetry Representations and Superfields "
  • February 3: Prof. Wayne Patterson, Howard University,
    " Some Excursions Into Experimental Mathematics "
  • February 10: Prof. Tepper Gill, Howard University,
    "Sufficient class for global (in-time) solutions to 3-D Navier-Stokes equations "
  • February 17 : Prof. Ben Ntatin, Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, Germany,
    "On the Cycle Spaces Associated to Orbits of Semi-simple Lie Groups"
  • February 21: Prof. Edriss Titi, U.C. Irvine and Weizmann Institute,
    "Global Regularity For The 3-Dimensional Navier-Stokes Equation and Relevant Equations"
  • February 22: Prof. Sherry Scott, Bowie State,
    "Capturing Deviation From Ergodicity At Different Scales "
  • February 23: Prof. Ron Mickens, Atlanta University
  • February 24: Prof. Ken Shaw, Georgetown University,
    "The Mathematics of Nonlinear Optical Communications and Other Mathematical Research at Georgetown University "
  • March 3 : Prof. Ablaye Aw, Morgan State University,
    "A Macroscopic Second-order Model For Traffic Flow "
  • March 7: Prof. Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Arizona State University
  • March 10 : Prof. Mark Goresky, Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton University,
    "Topological Trace Formula"
  • March 31 : Dr. Mary Ann Horn, National Science Foundation,
    "Mathematical modeling and challenges in the development of drug resistance"
  • April 14 : Prof. Neil Hindman, Howard University,
    "Partition Regularity of Matrices"
  • April 21 : Prof. Muhammad Mahmood, Howard University,
    "Coupled Nonlinear-Schroedinger Equations: Self-Focusing and Long-time Behavior of Solitons in Optical Fibers"
  • April 25 : Prof. Jim Arthur, AMS,
    "Introduction to the Langlands Program"
  • April 28 : Prof. Daniel Wiley, Howard University,
    "Periodic Incoherence in a Network of Coupled Oscillators"


Fall 2005

  • September 9: Prof. Cora Sadosky, Howard University,
    "Fourier: from applications to theories"
  • September 16: Prof. Gaston N'Guerekata, Morgan State University,
    "Spectral Conditions For Almost Automorphic Evolution Equations of The First and Second Order "
  • September 23: Prof. Saber Elaydi, Trinity College,
    "Topological Dynamics and Difference Equations "
  • September 30: Prof. Toni Watson, University of Maryland,
    "Genus Zero Gromov Witten Invariants"
  • October 7: Prof. Toka Diagana, Howard University,
    " Existence and Uniqueness of Pseudo Almost Periodic Solutions To Some Classes of Evolution Equations"
  • October 14: Prof. Victor Vinnikov, Ben Gurion University,
    "Convexity vs. Linear Matrix Inequalities: Commutative and Noncommutative Settings"
  • October 21: Prof. Francois Ziegler, Georgia Southern University,
    "A very short Introduction to Geometric Quantization "
  • October 28: Prof. Tepper Gill, Howard University,
    "Elementary Introduction to the Feynman Operator Calculus, & Unification of Hyperbolic and Parabolic Evolution Equations "
  • November 4: Prof. Jeffrey Long, University of Michigan,
    "Generalized Hierarchical Modeling of Population Structure "
  • November 4: Prof. Michael Boehnke, University of Michigan,
    "Mapping Genes for Complex Human Diseases with Applications to Type 2 Diabetes "
  • November 18: Prof. William Traves, United States Naval Academy,
    "Counting Conics "
  • December 2: Prof. Paul Bezandry, Howard University,
    "Laws of Large Numbers for D[0,1]"


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